सुलभ दरमा गुणस्तरीय नक्सा तथा निर्माण सेवा !

Get quality design and construction services in Kathmandu through Saakaar Developers !!
नेपाल अधिराज्नयभरी नक्सा देखि निर्माण सम्पन्न सम्मका सम्पूर्ण कामका लागि  साकार डेभलपर्स !!

[ हाम्रा बारेमा ]

नक्सा देखि निर्माण सम्म

नेपाल तथा कतारमा समेत लामो समयसम्म घर तथा भवनहरु निर्माण तथा सुपरिवेक्षण बाट सिकेका ज्ञानहरु लागु गर्दै कम लागत तथा सेवा शुल्कमा गुणस्तरीय निर्माण तथा नक्सा सम्बन्धि कार्य गर्ने उदेश्यले साकार डेवेलोपेर्सको उदय भएको हो ।

काठमाडौँ, ललितपुर, महालक्ष्मीस्थान, गोदावरी, तथा आसपासका  नगरपालिकामा आफ्नो घर निर्माण गर्ने सोचमा हुनुहुन्छ भने एकपटक हामीलाई सम्झनुहोला ।

Saakaar Developers have emerged with the aim of providing quality construction and map related work at low cost and service fees by applying the knowledge learned from the construction and supervision of houses and buildings for a long time in Nepal and Qatar as well.

If you are thinking of building your house in Kathmandu, Lalitpur, Mahalaxmisthan, Godavari, and nearby municipalities, remember us once.

” हामी दिनेछौ तपाइको सपनाको घरलाई आकार”
“We Shape your Dream Home”


What Can We Offer

Design & Planning

We provide all kinds of exterior and interior Design ( 2D and 3D )and drawing service as needed by the municipality throughout Nepal.

Construction Service

We provide all kinds of construction service in Kathmandu valley and outskirts of the valley.( काठमाडौँ उपत्यका तथा आसपासका स्थान हरुमा )

Engineering Solutions

We provide Consultation , Construction Supervision ,Surveying , Estimation and valuation services

[ From Design / Drawing To Construction ]

Building Design and Construction in Nepal

We offer a complete construction service, from foundation to finishing touches, ensuring your home is built to last. Our skilled masons, steel fixers, and other professionals use only the finest materials and techniques to bring your vision to life. We also handle municipal building permits, making the process smooth and stress-free. So, relax and watch your dream home become a reality with Saakaar Developers.

Cost Efficiency
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