Turkey Earthquake 2023: A wake-up call for building construction in Nepal


An aerial view of multiple collapsed buildings, following the earthquake in Hatay, Turkey, on February 6, 2023 (Ercin Erturk / Anadolu Agency / Getty)

The recent 2023 Turkey earthquake has served as a stark reminder of the importance of proper building construction and design. As a leading building design company in Nepal, Saakaar Developers is well-aware of the devastating effects that can result from inadequate construction practices. The aftermath of the earthquake highlights the importance of following building codes like NBC 105:2020 for building safety. Unfortunately, many contractors in Nepal continue to disregard these codes due to attempts to save money and cut costs. This often results in the handing over of construction work to local contractors who lack the necessary expertise in civil engineering. To address this issue, this article aims to teach lessons from the Turkey earthquake and emphasize the significance of following building codes such as NBC 105:2020 and Bhawan Nirman Mapdanda ( राष्ट्रिय भवन निर्माण मापदण्ड) for the safety and well-being of the people in Nepal.

Building codes and regulations in Nepal

The government of Nepal aimed to enhance the quality of construction and secure the safety of buildings. They introduced several building codes, including the National Building Code (NBC) 105:2020 and Bhawan Nirman Mapdanda. NBC 105:2020 lays down basic guidelines for building design and construction and sets standards for materials, design, and techniques. Bhawan Nirman Mapdanda is a comprehensive guide to building construction, including design, electrical and plumbing systems, fire protection, and other relevant aspects.

Non-adherence to building codes

Despite the introduction of these codes and regulations, many builders in Nepal continue to flout the building codes and use low-cost methods of construction to save money. This is due to the lack of enforcement mechanisms and the absence of proper monitoring systems. The builders often hand out the construction work to local contractors, who have little or no knowledge of civil engineering, which leads to the use of sub-standard materials and inadequate construction techniques.

The impact of non-adherence to building codes

The use of sub-standard materials and inadequate construction techniques has a disastrous impact on the safety and stability of buildings.

Buildings that are not built in accordance with the guidelines set by NBC 105:2020 and Bhawan Nirman Mapdanda are more prone to collapse during earthquakes. This poses a significant threat to lives and property. The failure to adhere to these building codes also undermines the government of Nepal’s efforts to rebuild the country and make it more resilient to natural disasters.

Saakaar Developers – A responsible building design company in Nepal

Saakaar Developers is a responsible building design company in Nepal, which is committed to providing safe and secure buildings to its clients. Our company follows all the building codes and regulations set by the government of Nepal and employs only the best civil engineers and technicians. We believe that the safety and security of the buildings is of utmost importance, and we make sure that our buildings are built using the best materials and construction techniques.

The Nepal earthquake 2015 was a wake-up call for the building construction industry in Nepal, and it highlighted the need for stricter building codes and regulations. The government of Nepal has done its part by introducing new codes and regulations, but the builders need to do their part by adhering to these codes and regulations. Saakaar Developers is a company that is committed to providing safe and secure buildings to its clients and is playing its part in rebuilding Nepal. If you’re looking for a reliable building design company in Nepal, look no further than Saakaar Developers.


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