Building Excellence, Brick by Brick: Saakaar Developers – Your Trusted Team for Earthquake-Ready Dream Homes in Kathmandu, Lalitpur, Mahalaxmi, and Godawari

As the vibrant streets of Kathmandu, Lalitpur, Mahalaxmi, and Godawari bustle with life, your dream home awaits. But building in this dynamic land demands more than just contractors; it demands a dedicated team of experts committed to safety and exceptional craftsmanship. At Saakaar Developers, we are that team, your one-stop shop for transforming your vision […]

Building Your Dream Home in Nepal: Safety, Beauty, and Sustainability with Saakaar Developers

Are you searching for a reliable and experienced construction company to build your dream home in Nepal? Look no further than Saakaar Developers, your one-stop solution for all your residential construction needs in Kathmandu Valley and Jhapa. At Saakaar Developers, we understand that building a home is more than just bricks and mortar; it’s about […]

Understanding Curing Time in Building Construction: Insights from IS 456:2000

Introduction In the realm of building construction, one crucial aspect that significantly influences the strength and durability of structures is the curing time. Curing refers to the process of maintaining adequate moisture and temperature conditions to allow concrete to gain its desired strength. In this article, we will delve into the importance of curing time […]

Turkey Earthquake 2023: A wake-up call for building construction in Nepal

Introduction: The recent 2023 Turkey earthquake has served as a stark reminder of the importance of proper building construction and design. As a leading building design company in Nepal, Saakaar Developers is well-aware of the devastating effects that can result from inadequate construction practices. The aftermath of the earthquake highlights the importance of following building […]

भूकम्प खतरनाक की हाम्रो निर्माण पद्धति ?

नेपालको सम्पूर्ण क्षेत्र हिमालयको छेउमा टेक्टोनिक प्लेटहरूको गतिविधिसँग सम्बन्धित सक्रिय भूकम्पीय क्षेत्रमा पर्दछ।उच्च भूकम्पीय जोखिमहरू सामना गर्ने नेपालका सहरहरूमा ठूलो संख्यामा घर तथा भवनहरू छन्, जुन प्रायः प्रबलित सिमेन्ट कंक्रीट (RCC) फ्रेमहरूबाट निर्माण गरिएका छन्। भूकम्पमा यस्ता संरचना भत्किँदा धेरैको ज्यान गएको छ । यस्ता भवन भत्कनुको मुख्य कारण व्यवसायिक प्रयोजनका लागि अवैध रूपमा थप […]